History of The Clan

The United Federation of Gaming was founded in 2005 by Kirk. In the beginning, UFG was actually named AT.

The clan was founded shortly after Kirk's neighborhood found out it would be elligible for broadband service from a small company called AT Cyber Systems. The service was installed on January 27th, 2006, leading to January 27th becoming our annual "Broadband Celebration" tournament day. The ~AT~Clan started out on a home-hosted server, with the free domain "atclan.co.nr". In the AT days, we didn't recruit and we didn't have the resources to run servers. The only purpose of the clan's existence was a tag for Kirk and his neighbors to carry in games.

On our first anniversary, we changed names to The United Federation of Gaming, and registered our current domain name. In 2009, we created the Star Trek LCARS themed website, a theme which has changed a bit over time to fit the needs of the website, but which has retained the same look and feel.

2009 was a revolutionary year for UFG. With the help of several generous server administrators, UFG operated several game servers. The United Federation of Gaming website became the home of a forum, an imageboard, live server statistics polling, and tons of other custom scripts which worked awesomely. It was during 2009 that UFG reached its peak membership, of about 50 members. Almost every weekend, some of us would gather on our VoIP server (Ventrilo at the time) to play games together, or sometimes just to chill and talk.

Ultimately, the demise of that UFG surfaced from politics and relationships in the clan breaking down. Kirk became very busy with school work, did not care to deal with the politics anymore, and stopped working on the website. Regularly scheduled tournames became adhoc tournaments. Eventually, the Ventrilo server sat empty on weekends. In 2011, it seemed like UFG was dead. Skeleton Halo servers continued to operate, but the membership was gone.

In 2012, Kirk begins a revitalization effort. New Halo CE servers come online, and although the website is stripped of everything but server information, UFG is reborn, ever so slightly.

In 2013, there is a small rebirth and some new servers are spun up, but ultimately not much goes on. Membership remains very ad-hoc.

In 2015, there is another rebirth with a new wave of servers hosted in a low latency Chicago, IL datacenter.

In 2016, some ad-hoc games are organized. A new Discord group is created, and it seems promising that there may be another round of UFG greatness. UFG's Halo CE servers are in full swing, and UFG achieves the honor of having two servers on the Top 10 in GameTracker, going as high as 3rd place at one point, in December. As 2016 ends, a new boost of enthusiasm results in a renovation effort on the website. We are looking forward to playing with you in 2017!

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